Mike Koers

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Batavia, NY

Occupation or Hobbies: Occupation – Owner/operator of Ridge and Valley Woodlot Services

Hobbies –Lumberjack Sports is a huge part of my summer, but I also like to hunt and fish, and fish a little more.

Years Competing in Lumberjack Sports: I have been competing professionally for 11 years.

How you were introduced to Lumberjack sports: I started competing at Finger Lakes Community College under the direction of Marty Dodge.  I took what I learned and expanded on it when I transferred to ESF which is also where I met my wife Collin.

Highlight of the Brechin show in 2012: Winning the Jack and Jill with my wife Collin and the festival after the show….what I can remember of it.

Major Achievements in Lumberjack Competition: I was the Stihl Collegiate Champion in 2004.  I have competed in the Stihl Series for 4 years since then.  In 2009 and 2010 I was the Pennsylvania Professional Lumberjack Men’s Overall Champion.

Your favourite event to compete in: Any event that involves an axe.  I also really enjoy jack and jill cross cut sawing.

Your favourite competitors in Lumberjack sport: My favorite competitors seem to be the ones that I have learned a great deal from.  Jamie Cogar has helped me tremendously through the years especially on how to use my body to get the most out of my swing.  Matt Bush has told me a few very key things about a few events that have taken me years to understand and start to master.  Once I did though they were game changers for me.  Finally I think Matt Cogar is my favorite younger competitor.  He has taught me a lot about how to get my mind right before a contest which is probably one of the most important things.


  • Men’s Standing Block
  • Men’s Single Buck
  • Spring Board
  • Men’s Underhand Chop
  • Kris Starr Memorial Axe Throw
  • Hot Saw
  • Jack and Jill – Partner Name:  Collin Koers
  • Pole Climb
  • Team Firewood Event